Bodyfarm - Eximia

Bodyfarm-Eximia is a technology concept that performs a special, professional treatment, representing the new frontier in body remodeling with visible effects in treating cellulite in all its stages, in the eradication of adipose tissue, in dealing with firmness issues, and so on.

Due to the latest technologies that combine it, Bodyfarm-Eximia also relieves stretch marks, inhibits fluid retention and eliminate them, restores dehydrated and dry skin vitality, prevents premature aging of the body and face, and treats problems related to the wellbeing of the whole system.

Why is Eximia a unique and innovative method?

Because of the:
  • Chemical-dermato-pharmaceutical effect (active ingredients);
  • Cavitational Ultraporation;
  • Physical effect (vibrational, thermal);
  • Mechanical effect (endo-conjunctive massage);
  • Endolift - cutting edge and unique;
  • The exclusive international patent on both the Ultraportage and Endolift;
Procedures and types of treatments to be performed with
BodyFarm Eximia:
  • Body testing by endometrial analysis with which we interpret: skin tissue elasticity, cellular edema degree, tissue sclerosis and cutaneous and subcutaneous laxity. These parameters are vital in establishing the right treatment in order to combat and treat cellulite with the help of endolift.
  • Facial lifting treatments with the endodermic massage method.
  • Body treatments made both combined and separate with ultraviolet and endolift, with spectacular, visible and definitive results in: intensive weight loss, treating cellulite at various stages, improving and treating stretch marks, and treating the lack of firmness and elasticity of the skin.

The only method invented and patented by Janus, ULTRAPORATIA (transdermal injection combined with cavitation ultrasound and ENDOLIFT - deep endodermic massage in four phases) is the result of scientific studies, research and long-term tests conducted in prestigious medical centers in Italy. This method aims at addressing the phenomenon globally by using chemical-pharmaceutical, physical and mechanical principles.

BodyFarm-Eximia is the only device that combines three revolutionary therapies with spectacular results from the first session:

  • The Cavitational Ultrasound, called "Liposuction Replacement Technology" through the adipose tissue is destroyed in a definitive manner.
  • The Electroporation, also called "Needle-Free Mesotherapy" helps in-depth penetration of active ingredients, thus helping at body remodeling.
  • The Endolift, the latest innovation in the field of endermology and vacuum massage, is completely different from any other system in the field.

The combination of these three systems has led to the creation of the so-called "Italian technology that eats inches".