Nutrition & Health Bar

Diet &

At Elite Life you benefit from a nutrition consultation and a customized menu.

Life Elite Team consists of experts in nutrition, diet, fitness and masters in organic cuisine and active. They are proposing a healthy lifestyle based on a balanced diet, as simple and less processed as to restore vitality and eliminate the fatigue and discomfort caused by fast-food or processed foods.

Health Bar

The Health Bar menu is designed by experts to provide a perfect synergy with our programs and treatments.

We offer a mix of fresh juices, cocktails and smoothies made from fresh fruits and vegetables to detoxify, energize, revitalize and hydrate the body.

Kangen Water

At Elite Life we understand the importance of water for the body and offer it the place it deserves.

The benefits of ionized alkaline water are both on the neutralization of acids and it also has the role of antioxidant. Only four glasses of alkaline water a day help to:

  • Neutralize over acidity
  • Accelerate weight loss and detoxification
  • Protect the body against cardiovascular diseases, immune dysfunctions and other diseases